• Discussion: Season 5 Has Been Replaced with Trixie's Variety Show, How Do You React?

    Equestria's number one magician has somehow corrupted the entirety of season 5! Instead of the mane 6 traveling the world doing important things, the entire thing revolves around Trixie traveling the world doing Trixie things! Woe is me!

    I supposed we must accept this fate if the fandom is to survive. A season filled with Trixie can't be that bad can it?

    Fortunately the ace reporters here at EQD have procured some episode titles and synopsis for you all. Head on down below the break for those, and hit the comments up with how excited you are at a season of TRIXIE.

    "You've been Trix'd" - Trixie overthrows Celestia and takes over as Princess of Equestria. She changes the sun from yellow to blue in Trixie's honor.

    "Trixie is for kids!" - Trixie volunteers at an orphanage because Trixie is a kind and loving mare.

    "Twelve Angry Trixies" - Twilight is on trial, and the jury is completely made up of Trixie

    "Every Trixie in the book" - Twilight accidentally endorses Trixie's new magic book which is full of dangerous spells; Scootaloo accidentally burns down Ponyville. Oops

    "Trixie or Treat" - Trixie commercializes Nightmare Night, turning it into a holiday that revolves around buying Trixie branded merchandise

    "Rotten, Dirty Trixie" - The day before a beauty contest, Trixie falls into the 'bog of eternal stench' and must somehow pull down her competitors to her level

    "The Twilight Saga: New Lulamoon" - Twilight gets caught in endlessly bad community theater.

    "I know a Trixie or two" -  Trixie accidentally clones herself, and everyone likes her clone far better than her, even though they are identical

    "I never miss a Trixie" Trixie has been marked for death by the Griffon empire. Coincidently, Scootaloo wins a competition held by Trixie and the prize is a Trixie costume

    "The Lulamoon Is Made of Green Cheese" - a lactose-intolerant Ursa Major becomes violently ill.

    "Trix of the Trade" - Trixie amasses a fortune in the stock market and buys Ponyville, so she doesn't need to out-magic Twilight to own it.

    "A trip to the Lulamoon" - The moon is replaced by Trixie's enormous floating head, Twilight and co must travel to the moon to find out what's going on


    Thanks to Pasco and Bluebro for the Trixies