• 6 Days of Pony - Pinkie Pie

    Less than a week! I can taste the new season already!

    Pinkie Pie was right there with Rarity in my early on "Ponies that will drive me nuts" impression of the show. The loud squealy voice had me turning the volume down while I snuck pony episodes in the middle of the night. Party of One was my big changing point for her. That episode was so beyond what I expected from a show about happy go lucky cartoon ponies.

    Ever since then, Pinkie Pie has both annoyed the hell out of me, and entertained me endlessly. I think that's her point. She's built to be loud and screechingly obnoxious, but she grows on you. The only time I relapsed was during the Cake twins episode. The combination of hyperactive squealy Pinkie with crying babies was too much! TOO MUCH I SAY! I've only watched that episode once, and have no desire to watch it again.

    In the end, Pinkie Pie rocks it, and the Smile song is still one of my favorites.

    Now go my minions! Discuss Pinkie Pie in all of her hyperactive glory below!