• Spike Day Tumblr Spotlight: The Daily Life of Spike

    Welcome to a special edition of the Tumblr Spotlight, featuring none other than Spike! Today I'm happy to bring you not only one of the best Spike tumblrs I've seen but one of the best tumblr's period.

    The Daily Life of Spike evolved from a tumblr some of you might already know: Daily Sleeping Spike. While the latter of the two was full of nothing but cute Spike pictures, The Daily Life of Spike has taken it to the next level but bringing some comic charm and sweetness to the style found in Daily Sleeping Spike.

    Most importantly the tumblr does Spike justice in his relationships with other characters, making them feel close and organic. Check it out at the links below!

    The Daily Life of Spike - Current Page - First Page

    Twitter: Calpain