• Music of the Day #451

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    [1] Source
    Violin Melody - Crème de la crème (Becoming Popular Remix)

    [2] Source
    Resonant Waves - The Temple of Life ft. Captainfluffatun

    [3] Source
    Valentine's /Hearts and Hooves Day Special - Special Somepony by B 86ed

    [4] Source
    Totalspark - La Lluvia

    [5] Source
    My Cadence - Mathew Mosier Ft. Megaphoric and ismBoF - Ricardofr-200 Remix

    [6] Source
    ReuelBrony - Soft at Heart (A Theme for Fluttershy)
    Progressive House / Rock

    [7] Source
    Frozen Night - Daybreak (L-Train Instrumental Cover)
    Symphonic Metal Opera

    [8] Source
    raspyRabbit - FLY OR BYE

    [9] Source
    Shu77erfly - I Am Fluttershy (Unikorn Remix)
    Big Room House

    [10] Source
    Moustache [Remaster]
    Pop - Punk