• Jay Fosgitt Charity Drive

    There have been a number of artists and writers for the MLP comics over the past couple years, but I was very surprised to see Jay Fosgitt commissioned for MLP comic work! Once again had my time before ponies surface again in this age of pony. When I was in college my sister used to commission quite a bit of work from him and I even have a custom piece given to me as a graduation gift from Jay thanks to my sis.

    Today we've come to learn of an unfortunate accident involving Jay which resulted in the totaling of his car. Thankfully he wasn't hurt and neither was the other driver, but now he is without a car and the insurance held by the other driver can't cover the full cost.

    Without a car and needing to get to work, Jay is opening up commissions and selling original artwork in order to help get him some wheels. Jay is a cool guy so any sort of help you guys can give would be amazing! Check on after the break for details on how to help!

    I was in a serious car accident this past weekend. A young man ran a red light and hit my passenger side. I walked away from it with only a couple bruises, but my car, which I just bought two months earlier, is totaled. I’ve done the whole insurance thing, and the bottom line is, any money I would get from the kid’s insurance won’t even scratch the surface of replacing my car. I don’t have the time or inclination to fret over legalities or financial retribution. What’s done is done, and I have a life and a career to keep functional. To do that, I need a new car. So, I am opening up a commission drive that will specifically go towards this need. Here are the details:
    • The commissions will be black and white inked commissions drawn at 8.5 x 11” in size.
    • I will draw one or two characters in each piece, depending on which you prefer.
    • Subject matter is up to the client, though I would prefer these be of an “all ages appropriate” level. Caricatures, familiar characters from all areas of pop culture, and especially my own characters are fair game.
    • The rates will be: $110 for people in the U.S., $120 for people outside the U.S. This will cover cost of shipping.
    • I would prefer to take these commissions without there being a strict deadline for their completion. If you needed one by a specific time, let me know and I’ll try to accommodate.
    • I am accepting all payments through my PayPal account, which can be accessed at: [email protected]. I ask that any orders be sent through the "friends/family" option to avoid service charges.
    • Anyone wishing to discuss this drive or place an order should reach me at [email protected]
    I have just over $3,000 saved up right now. So my goal is to bring in a minimum of fifty commissions so I’ll have at least $8,000 to put towards a car. I’m putting this out on all my other social media sites as well. If you can join in, fantastic. If you can’t, I certainly understand, and won’t hold it against anybody for declining. We’re all in a financial pinch these days, and I don’t want to inconvenience anyone.
    Feel free to spread the word on this offer. I’ll keep people posted on its progress, and will let everyone know when and if I reach my goal.
    Lastly, I’ll remind collectors that I have original
    pages for sale at Comic Art House​’s website, which you can reach through the links I’ve provided. Any sale in the coming months will help put me back behind the wheel and keep me coming to comic conventions.
    As ever, thank you for all your support, no matter what form it may take.

    Twitter: Calpain