• Ingrid Nilson Shows You How to Rock, do Yoga and More at Ponycon NYC

    With PonyCon just a couple weeks away I bet you all have been wondering what to expect from the convention outside of the season 5 trailer premiere. Well, one of the big themes of the convention is staff and patrons interactions!

    Ingrid Nilson for instance will show you how to do everything from rocking out to relaxing yoga. Learn something from a member of the staff while getting to know them as well. Win-win for everyone!

    Check on after the break to see her full schedule of events as well as a taste of what else you can expect. Stay tuned to read more on PonyCon's awesome lineup soon.

    Ponycon NYC is 12 days away, and Maud Pie voice actress INGRID NILSON is an integrated part of the festivities. Ms Nilson will gather no moss during her stay at the Northeast's 3 day pony symposium taking place at St. Francis College in Brooklyn NY on February 14th, 15th and 16th.

    Rock out Saturday
    A spirited veteran of the stage and screen as well as being a voiceover performer, Ingrid will treat the crowds to incredible yoga-inspired dance acts as part of the Saturday evening ROCK FARM CONCERT lineup, starring Encore, Cyril the Wolf, The Shake Ups in Ponyville and Indie Notes. If you have never witnessed Ingrid's moves before, brace yourselves for awesome:

    Zen Sunday
    Ingrid will join D. G. Speirs and Eric Bennett as a special guest on another very unique and enlightening workshop taking place on Sunday, THE TAO OF MAUD.
    She’s calm, she’s cool, she’s collected, she’s Zen. Join us for an hour of exploration as we discuss how Maud demonstrates the best qualities of Eastern philosophies and how those are reflected within the Elements of Harmony and My Little Pony’s overall message. We’ll also discuss the creation of The Tao of Maud, the daily online inspirational posts and how these can inspire everypony in their everyday lives.
    Link: http://ponycon.nyc/event/the-tao-of-maud-%E2%80%93-the-wit-and-wisdom-of-equestria%E2%80%99s-most-enlightened-pony
    This workshop takes place on Sunday 2/15 from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM in the Broncs Room.

    Yoga 101 with the Fabulous Ingrid Nilson aka Maud Pie. Join her and achieve your zen with fellow Ponies. What is this yoga thing? Curious to ask questions? Ingrid is a professional yoga expert! Learn some simple stretches to relieve low back pain or techniques to calm your mind. Tried yoga before and have questions? In this workshop participation is optional- you can simply watch if that's more your speed. You can also jump in and learn some basics to create a calm mind and exercise your body. Ingrid will treat the group to an advanced yoga posture demonstration at the conclusion of the session.
    Yoga 101 with Ingrid is happening Monday 2/16 from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM in the Hooflyn Room.

    Crafters have plenty to be excited about too: First take a crack at some of the Brooklyn Craft Farm's workshops. They will show you how to make your own Maud tote bag or a cozy for your phone! Then join Eclectic Elathera in making your very own Maud and Pinkie shadowbox!
    Little hooves will enjoy themselves in Bowtie's Craft Clubhouse, a special section for colts and fillies 12 and under and their guardians. Make a candy necklace, adopt a pet rock at Maud's Rock Farm, or create their own!

    Still not enough MAUD for you? Get over to the Packbreakers Wing on the 4th floor, and pick up a box of Enterplay's Series 3 My Little Pony trading cards, available for pre-release at Ponycon. The base set of 91 cards includes a "Maud Pie" episode card, and each box of 24 packs will include a special lenticular trading card.
    Here's a video example of a lenticular card in action, courtesy of Enterplay LLC's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=804196019675416
    Debuting also at Ponycon, the Pinkie and Maud Pie lunchbox tin, containing 2 exclusive cards, fun packs, and a mini poster of the Pie sisters. Of course they will be stocking plenty of Rock n Rave deck sets for MLP-CCG fans, and a chance to win one of the coveted Maud Pie Poetry Jam play mats at their premier event, CARD-A-PALOOZA.

    Attendees will enjoy a chance to ask Ingrid Nilson questions at the popular and time-honored V/A Panel Sunday at 1:00 pm, and at autograph signing sessions happening daily. Ingrid will also be at the VIP party taking place Sundaynight, where you can also rub elbows (hooves?) with ALL of Ponycon's special guests, including Andrea Libman, Vincent Tong, and Daniel Ingram. The VIP PARTY is an exclusive perk for Ponycon ticket holders Opal level and higher! Only a handful of those enhanced level tickets remain, get yours before they are all gone. 

    Website - www.Ponycon.nyc

    Twitter: Calpain