• Cosplay Compilation #47

    This post was going to be headered by Trixie, but then I realized I headered the last one with the same Trixie, so let's go ahead and switch it to Celestia and put the same Trixie down below the break. I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't look up the old one just in case!

    NOW GO! Bask in Celestia's banquet of flowers as you cosplay ponies below.

    [1] Source
    Bouquet of Flowers

    [2] Source
    Like a Trixie

    [3] Source
    Princess Celestia

    [4] Source
    Call me Blank Flank one more time...

    [5] Source
    Toast of the Town

    [6] Source
    Appleloom and Sweetiebelle III

    [7] Source
    May I Take Thee to the Gala?

    [8] Source
    FOR SALE: Spike kigurumi

    [9] Source
    Rarity - My Little Pony II

    [10] Source
    At the Grand Gala!

    [11] Source
    MLP: Princess Luna Full Group

    [12] Source
    Pinkie, meet Pinkie

    [13] Source
    My Little Pony - Come on, everypony!

    [14] Source
    Twilight Sparkle, the Constellation Crusher

    [15] Source
    Grrr arrggghgrhrh crystals grrr arghhgrrr

    [16] Source
    MLP - Perfect Pair

    [17] Source
    cider for everypony !

    [18] Source
    Let's Sing a song - Pinkie Pie

    [19] Source
    Flim Flam Sisters Cosplay Sneak Peak

    [20] Source

    [21] Source
    MLP: FIM - Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie (AX 2012)

    [22] Source
    Applejack and Fluttershy

    [23] Source
    Double Rainbow

    [24] Source
    Bright eyes (Derpy Hooves Cosplay)

    [25] Source
    Rarity : 04

    [26] Source
    Walk in the Park

    [27] Source
    Pinkamena Diane Pie with Madame La Flour

    [28] Source

    [29] Source
    Twilight sparkle in the zone

    [30] Source
    Let's Wrap Up Winter! (Pinkie Pie) 3