• Convention Compilation - February

    Remember that episode where Twilight Sparkle accidentally hit Rainbow Dash with a spell that convinced her that Soarin proposed to her a week earlier? Good times. That was a depressing ending though. At least she got to keep the dress.

    It's convention time.  Expect the usual flood. Have the headlines/cons:

    TrotCon 2015 - Fandom Guest Announcement
    UK Ponycon Goes To Space in 2015
    Ponyville Live presents PonyconAU 2015, and Hearth's Warming Con 2015
    PonySouth 2015 : a french convention
    Cloudsdale Splash Fundraising album released!

    And get the full press releases below the break!

    TrotCon 2015 - Fandom Guest Announcement

    We at TrotCon have things to say!

    First, OK. Convention planning's going well, thanks for asking. We're really excited to see everyone in July, but not, like, excitement bordering on flat out obsession. We're not staring wistfully out of a window, circling the dates on our calendar (July 17-19, by the way!) and counting down the days by carving little checkmarks into our walls.

    That's not until April.

    Until then, we're really excited to add to our roster of special guests for TrotCon 2015 today! We started out as a convention that focused solely on the fan community, and though we've moved on to also featuring official show staff and the like, we're still very, very dedicated to bringing you some of the best of the bronies. If you are too, then you're gonna dig these guests.

    First, let's welcome ChocoPony to TrotCon 2015!

    Choco does plenty of things. No, really, like, dude's busy. He's best known for creating the Equestria Tarot Cards, moderates the Chocolate Pony and Fyrefly Tumblr blogs, co-founded the TumblrPonCast and has created banners for Equestria Daily and Derpy News. And now he's coming to TrotCon, too. Remember when you woke up and lounged around on the Internet all day today? And that was it? Yeah, get rekt.

    We're also excited to welcome Emily Jones back to TrotCon!

    Emily's been here before plenty of times; after all, she's from the Columbus area, just like us! You'll know her from the long-running fandom podcast Pegasisters Live, as well as plenty of fandom music (try "Here on the Moon" by 4Everfreebrony, "Turning Over a New Leaf" by Mandopony… you get it) and as a voice actress, such as Nicole on "C-Students." If you're part of the fandom but have been somehow living under a rock and don't know her (don't worry, it's OK - it's cool under there), go give her a follow on Twitter at @namineahtellai; she's on there aplenty.

    Finally, in the spirit of more podcasters: let's bring PonyToast back to TrotCon, shall we?

    PonyToast's that guy you'll hear on True Equestria Radio on Ponyville Live, and he's the host of the always daunting task of counting down the best pony music of the year on the Top 50 Pony Music Countdown New Years' Eve on Fillydelphia Radio - a regular Casey Kasem, this one. We'd also assume he'll be bringing his long, flowing locks of hair to the convention. Seriously, have you seen it? Like a flowing golden mane of hope and justice.

    Sadly, with this news, we must bring something bad to the table as well: as many of you know, Pixelkitties has had to cut down her convention schedule in 2015 due to work, meaning we'll lose her as a guest in 2015—the first time she hasn't made it out to TrotCon. End of an era, y'all. We'll miss her loads and hope she can make it out next year. Til then, raise ya beer mugs in honor, homies.

    More guest announcements coming in the next few months up until TrotCon 2015, which will be held July 17-19 at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets are currently $45 for the weekend, with multiple sponsor badge tiers available as well.


    UK Ponycon Goes To Space in 2015

    The UK Ponycon committee have released dates for the upcoming UK Ponycon 2015! This year, the event returns to the Mercure Grand Hotel in Leicester, Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th October. The theme for this year’s con will be ‘Space’!

    UK Ponycon is a fan-run convention, and the longest running My Little Pony convention in the UK. Past conventions have seen visits from the Friendship is Magic animation team, sneak peeks at upcoming ponies, and even the infamous Ponycon disco. It’s a true all ages con, so everyone from the littlest My Little Pony fan to the all gens collectors and the Brony community will find something for them there!

    This year the fun will be doubled, with extra rooms to pack even more events into. There will be plenty of events, competitions, and panels, as well as the cosplay parade to strut your stuff in, and the vendor’s hall so you can shop till you drop!

    To find out more, check out the UK Ponycon forum, as well as the Facebook and twitter.com/UKPonyCon pages. Hope to see you there!

    PonySouth 2015 : a french convention

    Living near France? Do you want to have some fun with others Bronies? PonySouth may be your next destination!

    But what is PonySouth? It's a convention for fans of My Little Pony created by Harmony Evenements, a non-profit association dedicated on organizing cultural events on various themes.

    Panels, conferences, rounds of My Little Karaoke, Legends of Equestria, board games, card games, a great hall of exhibitors, this is what awaits for you at PonySouth ... Isn't this awesome? And, if you need to rest a little, there's a space dedicated to relaxation where you can have a drink and/or something to eat any time during the day.

    The convention will be held on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of July, at "Le Sing Sing", 90 Chemin de la Flambère, at Toulouse in France. More than 1000m² with four rooms, a bar and a "resting area". You can see its location on a map here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Le+Sing+Sing/@43.572693,1.310341,11z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x663cf15979d28a29 

    If you are an artist and want to sell or expose at PonySouth? No problems, application files will be available at the end of March / early April. Be aware that the entrance is free to exhibitors.

    If you also want to help the organization, volunteers applications will be open soon. Regarding housing, we recommend you two places at the moment, you can sleep at the "Auberge de St-Sernin" or the "Habital Ô Toulouse " which is near the Metro stop "Jolimont". Both have very affordable prices.

    Visit PonySouth.fr/en to obtain various informations and, soon, buy your tickets! You can also follow PonySouth on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Stay tuned, lots of news are coming soon on our website ;)

    Website (english): http://ponysouth.fr/en/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/PonySouth
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PonySouthCon
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/105836703069128987485
    Auberge de St-Sernin: http://www.lapetiteaubergedesaintsernin.com/category/nos-chambres/
    Habitat Jeune Ô Toulouse: http://www.otoulouse.org/auberge-de-jeunesse/services-et-tarifs.html

    Two Conventions in One Weekend! Ponyville Live presents PonyconAU 2015, and Hearth's Warming Con 2015

    Two Conventions in One Weekend! Ponyville Live presents PonyconAU 2015, and Hearth's Warming Con 2015:

    The Brony phenomenon has spread far and wide, and as a result, conventions have sprung up across the world, meshing the culture of the local community with the common love we share for the show and its creative fan base.

    Thanks to our global distribution of broadcasters, this weekend Ponyville Live! is proud to bring you two conventions from almost opposite ends of the planet: Ponycon AU from Surfer's Paradise, Australia, and Hearth's Warming Con from Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

    What's more, because of the magic of friendship time zones, the daytime hours of both locations are almost exactly opposites! This means you, the home viewer, get almost 24 hours of pony convention per day this weekend!

    We'll be hosting both streams on our network's live stream channel dedicated to special events:


    You can find more information about each convention's localized schedules from the links below:
    PonyCon AU:

    Events Schedule

    Hearth's Warming Con:

    Events Schedule

    As always, Ponyville Live! couldn't bring you coverage of pony conventions from across the globe without the help of our local video teams. In particular, we would like to thank our friends Callum (streaming live from Australia) and Sleepypony (streaming live from Europe) for helping to bring these events to the whole world.

    Stay tuned to PVL for the best in pony media, from 24/7 pony radio to live video streams, podcasts, convention coverage and more! Visit PonyvilleLive.com or follow us at @PonyvilleLive. /)

    Cloudsdale Splash Fundraising album released!

    "19 tracks 13 musicians, 5 months in the making, 2 discs and one awesome convention to end 2014 with a bang. The Cloudsdale Splash was a blast and we couldn't be more excited to share with you the fruits of our labor. over:cast//after:math is Crystal Empire Records' biggest release yet. Get a taste of Southeast Asian brony music right here!

    We have a special exclusive discount code for you and your readers too! Just enter "GreatAndPowerful" on Bandcamp to receive a $2(SGD, not USD) discount on the album valid until 5 March 2015.

    Bandcamp: http://cloudsdale.bandcamp.com
    Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/7hd1Hkn7AxSatgYUNweA0t

    iTunes: ​https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/over-cast-after-math/id968479294?uo=4​​​