• Brony Thank You Fund Competing on Reddit For Charity Prize

    The Brony Thank You Fund has done a lot for the community over the years and now is a chance for us to help them out a bit thanks to a special competition on Reddit! The massive website is offering donations worth over $80k to ten lucky charities that manage to get the most votes by the end of the event!

    This is where you guys come in! If you have a Reddit account, aren't new to the site and would like to help, check on after the break for all the details you need to participate.

    Reddit is offering donations worth over $80,000 each to the 10 lucky charities that get the most votes. Let's harness the power of the bronies to make the Brony Thank You Fund one of them! If you have a Reddit account (new users can't vote...), go to www.reddit.com/donate and enter our EIN, 455231499, in the box.

    All money raised this year is going to help fight cancer through the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, so you can show your brony pride and help kids and adults fight a terrible disease at the same time!

    The main thread on Reddit for the Thank You Fund can be found here. Try and vote that up as well!

    Twitter: Calpain