• Amy Keating Rogers Joins Brony Thank You Fund Board

    Amy Keating Rogers has joined up with the Brony Thank You Fund for their future charity endeavors! The exact announcement below:

    The Brony Thank You Fund, Incorporated is pleased to announce that show writer and author Amy Keating Rogers has joined the Board of Directors of the Fund. Ms. Rogers steps in for Pixelkitties, who is stepping down due to increased professional commitments. “We’re sad to see Pixel go,” according to Fund President James Turner, "but if we have to lose her, it’s hard to imagine a better replacement than Amy. She has already worked with us on several occasions, and we’re delighted to have her join us formally.”

    "I'm really flattered that the Brony Thank You Fund has asked me to be a Board Member,” commented Rogers. "I think they do great work and am excited to join the team!”

    Maybe we will get some Pinkie Pie music out of it? Here's to hoping!