• Unleash the CUTE - Centchi Artist Spotlight

    I'm commandeering one of these artist spotlight thingies cause cute always needs a spotlight! You have probably seen this artist around in some form on Deviant Art or in our convention compilations.

    Centchi has been dropping the pony art since late 2012 according to Deviant Art. Since then she has drawn an incredible amount of ponies, many commissioned by various people throughout the fandom. Her style takes the Friendship is Magic form and adds yet another layer of extra cuteness on top, via bubbly, shiny ponies and a bit extra of that "chibi" without sacrificing the pony form we all love.

    These days her focus appears to be on OC ponies, from the Bronycon mascots, to an armada of comissions. Few artists in the fandom have released such a massive amount of stuff. And did I mention bat ponies? So many bat ponies. Some of the most adorable bat ponies anywhere.

    Anyway, get some samples below! Bask in the cute!

    I have no idea what that creature is considered to be on the left, but it's ridiculously cute.

    I would be so beyond alright if this was what seaponies appeared to be in Friendship is Magic. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    Centchi does most of the promo art for Bronycon, which is where a lot of you will probably recognize her style. 

     Another seapony design I would be more than alright with!

    It's sad, but Sweet Velvet here was my first time really discovering Centchi.  I've always seen and loved her art, but never really delved into it until this bat showed me the way!

    I'm kinda wishing Breezies looked like that top one.  That would be so much cooler.

    All of these pony race offshoots are amazing.  I for one welcome our alicorn triple tail bell pony dual eyecolored overlords.

    Something for the shippy among you.

    She's just cute

    NEVER Stop the Bats!

    One more bat! I promise!

    I've seen some pretty odd colored hooves ponies uout there in my time, but this one pulls it off perfectly.

    A bit of canon pony, something that doesn't happen too often over there anymore

    Literal cute overload

    More cute! We need more cute!

    And finish with some MOON.  This was one of her earlier pony pieces, and still one of the best.

    This is barely a fraction of the huge amount of pony she has drawn. Hopefully you all get the idea.