• Equestria Daily Interview Series: Interview with IDW Editor Bobby Curnow Part 5 of 5

    Here it is everyone! The grand finale for Equestria Daily's Interview with Bobby Curnow!

    Which words of wisdom will he impart as we bring this interview to a close? What involvement does he have with MLP outside of his role as editor for the comic line? How hard are you going to bust a gut when you read the first question and answer in this part?

    You all should know the drill by now. It's all answered after the break!

    Could a third monthly ongoing My Little Pony comic series make it in the comic market without flooding it?

    It's hard to say. My gut tells me that it might be too much, but I freely admit these types of matters are not my strength. So luckily the decision isn't in my hands.

    Do you have any dealings with the reprints or with IDW Limited?

    Very, very little, no. I'll answer a question from the fine folk who do those projects on occasion, or provide artist contact information, but that’s about it.

    As the editor for the My Little Pony comic series, do you work with any other companies aside from Hasbro? For example, I know that Madefire Studios produces motion comics for the My Little Pony Comics. Do you have any interactions with them?

    Yes-- Madefire is actually down the street from my house in Berkeley, so I've had some drinks with those guys, who are all good guys. But usually it’s rare... I've had some very minimal interaction with some people at Little Brown and other companies as well. Mostly things go through Hasbro though.

    What about with the Humble Bundle, and the recent My Little Pony Humble Comics Bundle?

    Besides hearing it was a success, I couldn't tell you anything about it. Sorry!

    Could you possibly see having these comics packaged with some of the Hasbro toys, or possibly working with Enterplay to release an exclusive promotional card through the comic series?

    Yes-- I know we've done pack-in comics for Transformers, so it seems like it could be a possibility.

    Bobby, how do you manage to edit seven comic book titles a month?

    It's all about being organized and prioritizing what needs to be done now, in a week, or in a couple months. I consider myself creative, but I definitely have some Twilight in me, so that helps keep track of it all.

    Is that the average workload for an editor at IDW or are you a comic editing genius?

    Definitely not a genius. It's a similar workload to others at the company. Though I do think IDW editors work more books than at other companies, especially when you consider that we almost never have editorial assistants, or more than one editor per book.

    What advice do you have anyone who wants to get into the comic industry as an editor?

    I've heard dozens of different paths into the profession. All I can really do is relay my story, which is to look into doing an internship at a publishing company-- that's the best way to learn and make contacts. I left a good paying job, moved across country—over 5 years after graduating college—when I started my internship at IDW. It seemed like I was too old to do such a thing, and risked too much. But I really wanted to get into comics professionally, so I went for it.

    So like anything, if you really want to do it, just go for it and put your all into it. Leave no rock unturned.

    No truer words exist that could end this interview on a better note. Well folks, that's it for Equestria Daily's interview with Bobby Curnow!

    Bobby Curnow can be found on the web on IDW Publishing's Friendship is Magic Forums!

    Until next time everyone! This is The Illustrious Q signing off!

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