• Nightly Roundup #971

    Tirek may have the moment in the spotlight after this season's finale, but who will be ready to threaten Equestria again when the new season comes around? Got to say, they will have a hard time toppling him that is for sure.

    Heya guys! Managed to find a computer here while I'm on vacation so I can keep posting. Yay! Hope you all are doing well and have a great night.

  • Music of the Day #308

    Can't have a show without villains.  How about next time we axe some of the silver spoon and get some Chrsyalis/Trixie in there! You in? I'm in!

    And below the break, DA MUSICS.  Go listen to stuff!

  • Comic: Twilight Please! / Ghetto Granny / Game Time

    We love puns here at EqD and so does Twilight after having to deal with all the guff she had to go through this season.

    Yep, more comics. Click for full.

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Writer's Training Grounds #20: "Twilight's Kingdom"

    I'm still freaking out about that battle scene.  I think I will be for weeks.

    Season 4 is over, but we've still got one more writer's training grounds to do!  We may or may not continue the training grounds during the hiatus, but there will be a discussion post about that later.  For now, head below the break to grab your prompts!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1162

    We didn't get quite enough for an entire Tirek dominated drawfriend, but a good amount of this one is. It's also massive at 70 images total. Hope you guys want some pony with your haitus. Get the art below!

    [1] Source
    MLP - The Burden You Bear

  • Story Updates - May 11th

    Story updates! Better find something to read while we wait for episodes! Have a few below.

  • Story: My Little Sharknado (Update Complete!)

    [Comedy][Adventure][Random][Crossover] Now we just need an Attack on Titan crossover and we're set. - The Great and Powerful Trixie

    Author: Greenback
    Description: Equestria: A place of safety, friendship, and love. It has faced many threats, ranging from Changelings, Dragons, Windigoes, tyrannical Unicorn dictators, and a particularly mischievous Draconequus, yet managed to defeat them all. But now Equestria faces its greatest threat ever: A gigantic tornado filled with killer sharks.

    With time running out, Twilight Sparkle, her friends, and all of Equestria must unite to battle the aquatic menace. But will the magic of friendship be enough to save the land from sharks whose hunger cannot be stopped?
    My Little Sharknado (New Part 11-12!)

    Additional Tags: MLP VS Sharknado nuff said

  • 4DE - All Mane 6 Will Be Available by This Fall

    Another update out of the wonderful world of 4DE.  For those worried that we won't be seeing the mane 6 complete with this swarm of other ponies, it looks like those fears can be put to rest.  According to their Twitter page, we should see a complete set along with the side characters by this Fall. 

    Now we just need some TRIX. 

    Thanks to Scope for sending it over!
  • Convention Compilation - May 11th

    Convention time! We have a bunch of news for you all today, from New York to the Czech republic.  Have the headlines:

    Big Apple Ponycon Moms Day Flash Sale - 3 days only
    Bronyscot Ticket Press Release 
    FillyPi├▒ana Official Poster
    Czequestria General Information
    Brony Expo Charity Auction Announcement

    And get the full press releases below the break!

  • New Server for EQD Denizens to Invade on Minecraft

    With the closure of the old servers leaving quite a few refugees running around looking for a new Minecraft home, the guys over at PonyMC have offered to take everyone in, as well as anyone else who wants to join in on the fun. Their server is massive, with several cities from the show fully realized and many more in progress.

    To connect, just toss play.ponymc.com into the usual Minecraft server connection.  Moderators tend to be around during the mid day times, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Survival is fair game (and a separate area entirely), but builders will need to apply on the EQ section of the forums.

    If you want more to check out before logging in, head on down below the break for images and a video showcasing what they have available!

  • Discussion: What did you Like Most About Season 4?

    Season 4 was a whirlwind of crazy situations we haven't seen the likes of in any of the previous runs.  With Discord occupying several episodes, alternate worlds popping up via Power Ponies, an entire episode with Weird Al as a guest, and that completely off the wall season finale, it's bound to be right up there with the second one for most memorable.  I know I loved most of it, and I can't wait to see how they are going to try to top it with the 5th season in the future. 

    So, good readers of Equestria Daily and bronies everywhere; what was your favorite part of season four? Which scene, situation, or whatever else you can think of sold you on the world of pony this time around?

    Hit those comments up with your thoughts!
  • Tree Issue Resolved


    Good work everyone.  Our cries have been answered and a compromise made. 
  • "Twilight's Kingdom", Parts I and II: Episode Followup

    So here we are again.

    I heartily agree with what my friend CouchCrusader said after this episode aired- the headlining G4 movies might have very little to do with pony, but it feels like we finally got our small personal equine movie this weekend.

    If the ratings, polls, and discussions I've seen are any indication, this season has been the most well-received we've had so far, touching base with the second season in a way that's too close to call. It is fitting, then, that such a pronounced exclamation point has been put on the tail end of it. There's no two ways about it: this was the finale everyone had been waiting for, and it hit the ball right out of the park. It was powerful, it was engaging, and it advanced the biggest storyline we've had in this generation. We might not be seeing our pony friends again in a proper season until next year, but after this I think I'm okay with a little waiting.

    Before we begin, I want to thank everyone on the team at DHX for making this possible. The writers, the storyboarders, the directors, the producers, and all of their support teams. You're the reason we're here and the reason we're passionate about this wonderful thing called ponies that you've helped continue. You're awesome and we love you. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

    Below the break: the episode followup for Twilight's Kingdom.

  • Poll Results: How often do you listen to fandom made pony music?

    Music it something that has been a big part of the fandom since the very beginning.  With songs like Winter Wrap Up fueling the remix community, and original compositions filling in the holes between official stuff, it's a big deal.  Over the years, the flood of stuff has and big names taking over kinda funneled music into specific popularity categories.  Hopefully you guys give some of the newer people a shot, spotlight posts especially if Music of the Day is (understandably) too long to gamble with. 

    Anyway, next poll: 
    Who had the best Rainbow Power design in the finale?

    Hit it up on the side bar!
  • Comics: Maybe She's Too Powerful / Block House / Liar Lyre / Unhealthy Relationship

    So that's why they didn't have a Trixie scene.  Poor pony... I heard unhappiness causes a lack of magical ability in unicorns.  Clearly we need to run an event here to cheer her up at some point.  Give me some ideas. 

    And click these for comics.

  • Season 4 in 50 Seconds

    Madness, that was the topic here for season 4.  They really stretched the boundaries on what a show originally intended for little girls could be.  Head on down below for a silly recap in 50 seconds, complete with spaghetti, red bull, Spongebob, and other forms of insanity.

  • (Unconfirmed) - Build a Bear Party with Trixie and Applejack Planned and Date for Releases

    A local Build a Bear shop created these flyers noting a MLP themed party for the release of both Applejack and Trixie.  While we weren't able to confirm it, it does look like the release date for these two will be either July 12th exactly, or somewhere in the area.  The submitter, Lauryn, also pointed out that Zecora will be an online only deal unless she does well enough to be sold in stores.

    While we can't confirm it yet for a mass release of the plushies, it's still something to keep an eye out for. 

  • GalaCon 2014 Cosplay Contest

    Cosplay is an ever growing part of our fandom and the quality of the outfits keeps getting better and better as time goes on. So what better way to celebrate the art of cosplaying than through a cosplay contest! GalaCon has got cosplayers covered this year as they host the GalaCon 2014 Cosplay Contest!

    Curious? Check after the break for the details!

  • Goof Off - Literal Version

    Wow, these guys do an awesome job of emulating Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich.  If you liked previous literal version videos, or just want something fun to watch, then click the damn thing below!

  • Untitled

     Click for Memories
  • Nightly Roundup #970

    One does not mess with Twilight Sparkle. That was amazing.

    So, the season is over.  It's time for the community and official comics to take over while we wait for more pony.  Hopefully the guys over at Hasbro will throw us a bone or two while we wait. 

    We have meetup groups to hold you over! Make sure you hit up that meetup map if you haven't already.  Hopefully someone in your area is running something. 

    Anyway, get the usual roundup stuff! Also a good place for meetups.