• GalaCon 2014 Cosplay Contest

    Cosplay is an ever growing part of our fandom and the quality of the outfits keeps getting better and better as time goes on. So what better way to celebrate the art of cosplaying than through a cosplay contest! GalaCon has got cosplayers covered this year as they host the GalaCon 2014 Cosplay Contest!

    Curious? Check after the break for the details!

    Hello friends!
    For 2014, the GalaCon cosplay contest will receive a complete overhaul. Cosplay is about having fun in costumes, and we want our contest to reflect that.
    Anyone who is interested in cosplaying can take part, no matter if your costume is self-made or bought. Five different categories will make for equal chances for everyone to show his or her best talent and, of course, win one of the amazing prizes. To make it extra easy, we kept the rules as simple as possible. And, of course, there will be the most unique and special prizes of all time!
    This year's cosplay contest is organized by our special guest Yami no Cosmos, who will also be a member of the jury.  Yami is a cosplayer from Sweden, who started practicing her hobby more than 15 years ago. Besides My Little Pony, she also cosplays characters from various genres. Cosplaying means more to her than just posing in a costume, showing passion, craftsmanship, experience and creativity is what she really sees in it. She has been involved in many panels and shows about cosplaying in the past and loves to share her experience with others, so she is the perfect choice for our contest.
    For further information, visit her homepage or twitter profile.
    Do you want to show your skills and passion at the cosplay contest? Just send an e-mail with your application to [email protected] and join the fun!
    Please read the rules  before you sign up. You declare, that you accept the rules by signing up.
    Your GalaCon-Team

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