• Toy Review: BEST PRINCESS and Sun from Funko (AKA Luna and Celestia)

    When was the last time I actually reviewed something? I blame the lack of interesting things to buy lately! Even the merchandise suffers in the hiatus. This is absolutely ridiculous. AN OUTRAGE.

    But finally, we have Funko figures for the two OG Princess Ponies.  Sunbutt and Moonbutt may have been delayed for half a month due to worker strikes in L.A., but that only raised my anticipation for their arrival.  I'm one of the biggest Luna fanboys ever.  I just don't show it. You'd never know if you talked to me.

    And uhh... Celestia is cool too.

    NOW GO my minions.  Embrace the royalty of Equestria below!

    Before we begin, lets do that size comparison thing between the two of these.  Unfortunately I suck at perspective, and cameras, so this doesn't help in the slightest.  Luna is actually slightly smaller than Celestia, though not anywhere near as big a difference as on the show. Not that I'm complaining.  Would you want a tiny Luna in comparison to Celestia?! I sure as hell wouldn't! Give me giant Luna any day! Cele is just going to join the rest of my random funko figures at the top of the desk collecting dust anyway. Only Luna, Trixie, and Daring Do are worthy of tier one mousepad level spotlight!

    Because I've been told I'm biased toward dark and gloomy ponies, lets start with bright and sunny.  Celestia here, overall, looks great.  The figure itself is huge, with pretty much the exact proportions from the show in body style. She did lose a bit of weight, but lets be realistic here... Cele has been eating way too much cake.  Every time we see her eating in the show, it's cake.  She needed a diet.  Ponies can't survive on sugar.  Or horses. Whatever she is.

    Her snout is different, aiming toward a more round and pointy as opposed to... whatever Celestia in the show has.  I never was a fan of Celestia's nose in the show.  Confession confessed.  This looks way better.

    UNFORTUNATELY... there is one major issue with sunbutt..

    That's right, if you can see from the image above and my awesome camera work, she stands not on her legs, but on her mane and tail. I have no idea why this is.  Did they design the toy and just completely forget to see if the mane and tail fit? Did they create the mold, build a bunch of them, then realize the entire batch was bad before it was too late and sell it anyway?  Did Hasbro hand them a diagram and say "Her mane and tail absolutely NEED to be below her legs! We don't care if she can't reach the ground completely because of it!".  It's a mystery really.  Funko Figures, while awesome, have always had random flaws... but this just seems overboard on something to overlook. 

    She teeters on three and a half hooves, with her left front one completely in the air.  It's really awkward, and makes her pretty unstable. The slightest gust of desktop fan air and she falls right over.

    From now on, Celestia in my house will be known as TIPLESTIA.  I hope you are happy Funko.

    The Leaning Tower of Celestia 

    There is also the issue of her mane and tail being hollow, which is weird in comparison to all the other Funko figures.  A product of it being so big I guess? There is a satisfying "clunk" sound when she falls over at least.  Which happens a lot, as I mentioned above.

    Other than that, the figure looks great. Each color is bright and eyecatching, and she continues the trend of double sided butt symbols. 

    And for once, the paint isn't cracked or smeared at all for me.  Here's to hoping you all had the same luck.

    Anyway enough of TIPLESTIA.  Time for MOON!

    Luna gets no (new) nicknames! I love this figure. From the original stylized style wings, to the way the mane is translucent and sparkly, Moonbutt wins in ALL the Funko sections. 

    Unfortunately this also means she's a lot more difficult to write about... Wow.  Why can't you be flawed and have a major issue Luna? Why are you so near perfect?  I guess her... personality is weird.  I tried talking to her about geo political happenings, and she completely ignored me.  She even brushed off my 3 hour crush. Friendzoned hardcore.

    I guess if there was one thing I could complain about here, it's the cutie mark. It's pretty small.  Luna's moon has always been much different than everyone else's, with a mark that covers the majority of it. 

    There are some blemishes on the mane and tail, along with a ding or two in her plastic, but for the most part Funko appears to be working out the kinks in their molds and paint jobs to avoid that as these figures get older.  Her eye circle is a little crooked though.

    Unfortunately that's all I have for Luna! TOP TIER FUNKO FIGURE. That's not dramariffic at all. 

    Now for more sizes! Look at how stable Celestia is up there. What a trooper. As you can see, the princesses are only slightly larger than their base model counterparts.

    And a side view.

    That about covers it!

    TL;DR Pros/Cons:


    Sufficently show accurate
    In my opinion, better nose shape than canon Celestia
    Satisfying "clunk" sound when she falls over

    Shell hollow mane and tail


    Best princess remains best princess.
    Tail and Mane are solid, sparkly, and transluscent
    Much fewer blemishes than past Funko figures
    Original wings

    TEENY TINY CUTIE MARK covers not enough moon. 
    Not life sized

    Should you buy these? Of course you should. Why do I even review them. Maybe wait for a possible Celestia 2.0 patch in the future, but otherwise they both rock.

    (THIS POST HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY SETHISTO AT 8AM WRITING ON 0 HOURS OF SLEEP. PRAISE THE MOON. I CELEBRATED IT ALL NIGHT and totally didn't just use it as an excuse to play video games at stupid hours.