• Friendship is Magic #29 Comic Revealed! - This is Going to Be Insane

    Yeah, that's Cheerilee right there. The Friendship is Magic comics are about to go absolutely bonkers.  I haven't used that word in at least 10 years.  That's what this announcement just did to me.

    Head on down below for the synopsis and general information!

    Release Date: 3/4/2015

    (W) Katie Cook (A) Jay P. Fosgitt (CA) Jay P. Fosgitt, Kathryn Longua
    Cherilee gets a visit from her sister who happens to be one of the most famous wrestlers in Equestria! A long-simmering grudge between the siblings threatens to explode unless Rarity and friends can figure out a way for the two to mend hurt feelings.
    Thanks to Impus, Masem, and everyone else for the heads up!