• Capricorn Restaurant in Manila, Phillipines - Clever Photoshop? Or Best Restaurant Ever?

    As one of the best Horoscope ponies from a few years ago, Capricorn clearly needed to be loved. A restaurant in Manila, Philippines is taking it to the next level though, with an entire restaurant branded with her glorious visage.  Either this is a photoshop (and a good one at that with the reflections on the sign on the upper left), or we may have a new brony meetup location for all you Filipino people (I had no idea that was spelled with an F, why is that?) . 

    Lets hope someone from Hasbro sees it and opens some Horoscope pony restaurants over here in the states!

    Thanks to Jason for the heads up.

    (Update: Turns out it is completely legit, providing karaoke, Drinks, and... Prostitutes.)