• IDW Artist Brenda Hickey's MLP Original Comic Page Sale: Day 4

    My Little Pony: FiM #24 Page 16

    Oh look: Ponies.2. Now what is that chanting I keep hearing?

    Delete. Delete. Delete.

    Eh, I'm sure it's nothing important.

    As you can tell, Brenda Hickey is back and has tossed up a few more of her MLP comic pages on eBay! Her sales have been so successful that she's had to slow down posting them just a little bit so that she can ship out everything that was sold already.

    Which is everything in the last 3 posts.

    So, if you want to try and snag an original comic page for yourself, you can find direct links to the auctions both above and below the break!

    Remember, bid early and often! Good luck!

    Applejack Micro Page 10

    Applejack Micro Page 12

    My Little Pony: FiM #24 Page 17

    My Little Pony: FiM #24 Page 18