• Rainbow Rocks Available Everywhere Today

    They gave ponies hands, and while not nearly as exciting as hooves, it was still a good hiatus distraction.  Today marks the official release of the DVD/Blu-Ray, as well as a couple of digital download locations for those like me that don't want to clutter the room up with cases.

    Anyway, I'll shut up and let you go grab one of you want it!

    Rainbow Rocks on Blu-Ray
    Rainbow Rocks on DVD
    Rainbow Rocks on iTunes

    There is also a VIMEO rental version down below the break for $4 that they sent over for us if you don't want to actually purchase it.  

    As for the retail environment, each of them has an exclusive addon, mainly via armbands and other small toys.  Find that list over here. (Thanks to Rene for that).

    Expect a poll soon asking what everyone thought of the movie. Now that it's everywhere, hopefully we can get an accurate reading on the overall thoughts on it. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent reminders in!

    Direct link for you mobile people here.