• Bronystudy Seeking League of Legends Players

    SCIENCE! What would we do without it? The team over at Bronystudy is once again conducting  a survey, this time specifically targeting bronies and their family and friends who have played or currently play League of legends. 

    If that sounds relevant to you, head on over here to to take it!  Full press release below the break.

    The staff of the Bronystudy would like to announce the following:
    1)      We are looking for Bronies and their family and friends who currently play (or have played) the game League of Legends. We are conducting a pilot survey of current and former players
    in preparation for a large study of the League of legends fandom. Please go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LOLPilot to complete the survey.
    2)      We would like to thank the 1000+ Bronies who attended our BronyCon 2014 panel entitled “What does your favorite pony say about you?” If you go to our webpage at Bronystudy.com you can view the information we presented.

    Dr. Psych Ology