• Sydneigh Bit the Dust, PIKA Con Hopes to Give People Something Else to Do

    As many of you noticed yesterday, Sydneigh in Australia ended up cancelling with less than half a month of warning. This sucks for a lot of people. Airlines don't like refunding tickets (and most won't even do it), with hotels joining them via fees and cancellation contracts. The people living over there have decided to make the best of it for those of you stuck with a flight.

    PIKA Con is a completely free Mini-con (or a meetup essentially) rising out of the ashes of Sydneigh over on Facebook.  The event will take place on a single day in Hyde Park, with the potential for more currently being discussed. 

    Currently a few of the artists and vendors that were planning on hitting Sydneigh plan to attend, but for the most part this is going to be as YOLO meetup as they go!

    Full information on it can be found over here

    Thanks to TheSlorg, Josh, and everyone else for sending it!