• M.A. Larson to Attend Nightmare Nights Dallas

    The master of the alicorn is on his way to Nightmare Night's Dallas this October! Who knows what he will be sign next?

    Check on after the break for the full press release!

    Back for a second pass at us, M. A. Larson joins us this October for this year’s Nightmare Nights Dallas! Known for passing out the wings, passing around the cider with our own dear Foal Papers, and proposing with tweets, Mitch “The Coronator” Larson is sure to be coming bearing elements of awesome.

    M. A. Larson has been responsible for such memorable episodes as “Swarm of the Century,” “Sonic Rainboom,” “Luna Eclipsed,” and for giving Twilight Sparkle wings. Just recently, he has announced his expanded role, taking over for Meghan McCarthy as lead writer for the first half of Season 5. There’s no getting off Mr. Larson’s Wild Ride.
    Aside from his work in MLP:FiM, M.A. Larson has also written for classic Cartoon Network hallmarks such as My Gym Partner’s a Monkey and is an active writer for the Hub’s Littlest Pet Shop series. His new book, Pennyroyal Academy, is also releasing just before the convention.

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    Art by Ashy Girl

    Nightmare Nights Dallas (NMND) is Texas’ biggest My Little Pony convention, and will be held on October 24-26, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Addison in Addison, Texas. Contact [email protected]com with any questions! Join us on the web at www.nightmarenights.net www.facebook.com/NMNDallas  www.twitter.com/nightmarenights

    Until then, believe in M. A. Larson.

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