• Hardcover Versions of Official Comics Appear - Compilations in Each

    The hardcover full volume editions of the official MLP comic have started popping up over on Amazon.  Each one is a compilation of past comics, with the extra bonus in quality and new covers.  Head on down below the break for the information list!

    Adventures in Friendship Volume 1 Hardcover
    • Rainbow Dash Micro Comic
    • Fluttershy Micro Comic
    • Trixie and Rainbow Dash Friends Forever Comic
    • Original Art (Shown Above) From Sara Richard
    • 76 pages total
    • Releases December 16th

    Friendship is Magic Volume 1 Hardcover
    • 136 Pages
    • Already available
    • Doesn't list what is included

    Friendship is Magic Volume 2 Hardcover
    • 104 Pages
    • Releases November 18th
    • Doesn'y list what is included 

    Thanks to The Illustrious Q for the links!