• Finnish Artist Turns Famous Figures into Ponies

    In my time digging through customizations of MLP toys turned into all manner of things some of the best I admit come from the old guard in the fandom, the fans who've been customizing since pony started decades ago and still manage to make it into the papers today. One such artist is Mari Kasurinen from Finland who has recently made a collection of customized ponies resembling famous icons and celebrities. Now even if you don't like the looks of the old style ponies, you've got to admit a lot of work went into making these figures and that deserves some applause.

    To learn about the inspiration behind the project and to see pictures of the other ponies follow the HuffPost link below. Also, a lot of the figures deal with icons of the LGBT movement so please be nice, we're here to admire some cool designs and not turn this into a huge debate.

    Thanks to Noreply for sending it in.

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