• Episode Battle Part 3 - Results Are In! Luna Wins Again!

    You don't need any more points Luna.

    In true moonbutt fashion, Luna has taken over another poll.  It was a close race up until the last few days with Lesson Zero leading for a good amount of time.  I wonder how many of you even like canon Luna? The comic sold me on that one, but before that I always had a thing for the fan take on her.

    Luna Eclipsed was something a lot of people were waiting for.  We saw a glimpse of this incredibly appealing character in season one, and throughout the first pony hiatus, she was in more fanfiction than some of the mane cast.  We had gamer Lunas, and lonely Lunas, and abacus Lunas, and even a few that came really close to what we would find in the actual episode.  Needless to say, when someone from Topdraw leaked an image of her a few months before the episode aired, people were pining for some more.  The new design was a huge surprise for a lot of people, and fanside we still run with both, converting little Luna to "Woona" in some circles.

    Anyway, next battle! The second half of season two.  You can get the results of the first below!