• Discussion: A New Luna Focused Mini-Series Has Been Announced on The Hub! What Luna Type Do You Want to See in it?

    With Luna dominating polls here on EQD, our hypothetical Hasbro overlords have rolled in flashing blank checks in their Sweet Apple Acres pink Escalade with Equestria Girls rims asking what you fandom people want to see for their newly planned mini-series dedicated to the Princess of the Moon!

    Thanks to that network of portals first introduced in the last movie, Luna can be just about anything.  Some of our fandom favorites include:

    • Gamer Luna 
    • Lonely Luna
    • Woona 
    • Evil freshly corrupted Luna
    • Socially awkward Luna
    • CANTERLOCK behind on the times Luna (canon style) 
    • Or any other Luna you can think of. 

    So, people of the fandom, which Luna do you choose? And what setting would you throw her in with those mysterious portals fueling whatever your imagination can conjur up? Who would be her sidekick? Princesses need a sidekick, and Hasbro needs another pony for toy sales!