• 3D Pony Shorts - Rainbow Dash Ice Bucket Challenge, Damaging Twilight's Books, and More!

    Little Pip battling drug addiction?! Only an adult fan base could come up with something like that.  Or Fallout.  Or ponies in Fallout.  Or maybe ponyland isn't as different as we thought.  Or something.

    Anyway, we have a bunch of 3D Animation shorts, with both SFM and something else entirely.  Get them below!

    1.) Rainbow Dash does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! SFM/MLP
    2.) The Damage Fee (ft. PegasisterReacts)
    3.) Desperation, Addiction, Guilt and Regret (No Embed)
    4.) My Little Pony: Project Valiance - Opening Title
    5.) Trixie's Diamond Disaster - Intro