• Ridiculous Seizure Warning PMV: 『ℙ♏V』 | •?((¯°·._.•βℓ๏ώ3-βℓ๏ώhąяď•._.·°¯))؟•

    If you can read the title, you can probably watch this without dying.  Coming from their stellar perfomance in the earlier βℓ๏ώ3 PMVs, the team is back with another... whatever this is.  Expect Micheal Bay level effect usage, 12 year old first time video maker Youtube transitions, fat ponies, elevator ponies, and whatever else DarkHoofStudios is known for.  There is almost a sick level of skill mixed in with the madness.  I think.  Or something.

    Get it below.  Thanks to everyone that sent it.