• Ponymania Talking Queen Chrysalis Lines - In Video Form

    I clicked this one expecting tiaras and pretty wings, and ended up with "Equestria will be under my control!"". Chrysalis isn't slacking on the evil with her new speaking toy.  For those that haven't been following it, this one is a Toys R' Us exclusive that is now available.

    Head on down below the break for all of her lines, along with a video showcasing them to go with it!

    Thanks to MeandSamBFFL for the heads up!

    "Behold the power of the Changeling Queen!"

    "Soon, I'll rule all the land!"

    "Equestria will be under my control!"

    "Everypony will know my beauty"

    "One day, all of Equestria will bow to me!!"


    "I am Queen Chrysalis, ruler of the changelings!"

    "Brush my hair, my dear minion!"


    "Hahahaha, your love makes me even more powerful!"

    "I can feel my magic getting stronger!"