• Occulus Rift PonyVRville Release

    THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED. Or it's arriving.  Slowly.  You may not be able to teleport to Ponyville or upload your head into a simulation just yet, but we do have the early 21st century solution popping up over reddit.  Ponyville is now in a format supported by the Occulus Rift.  That's 3D ponies right there.  Can you handle the next level?

    The creator warns that it is currently rather unoptimized, so you may experience some crashing and other issues, and the animations aren't the best on the planet yet.  It's basically a fun 3D side project at this point.

    Head on over here to check it out, or get some videos below the break.  Occulus is not required, but it kinda kills the point of it when it's not 3D! 

    Word from creator, Igor: Just wanted to add, some people may get the MSVCR120.dll error, that's the microsoft c++ runtime, and can be gotten from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784

    Older video:

    Fan video: