• Nightly Roundup #1037

    I've got to admit, I really am a Spike and Rarity fan. If anything Spike's crush on Rarity is simply adorable, don't you guys think?

    Ah, feels good to be doing a Roundup again. Can't wait to write even more posts! Now get your news after the break my friends!

    Tonight's Stories

    Frigid Drift vs Some Bubbles

    How about some adorable to start off tonight? That always works when it comes to ponies!

    Breaking Pie

    Like yourself some Breaking Bad and some Pinkie Pie? You're in luck with this concept that combines the two together! Check out above for the first episode.

    Something Random

    I leave for two weeks and I see you all are just as insane as I remembered.

    Floppy Music: Find the Music in You

    Got some more of that Floppy Drive music you guys are talented at creating. Have we done all the songs yet?

    How To Piano With Hooves

    Now for a PSA from the Equestrian Embassy.

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    South Australia Meetup

    On Saturday 16 August the South Australian Bronies had another meetup at Build-a-Bear in Westfield Marion to celebrate two birthdays. After we were done making AppleJack, FlutterShy, Trixie and Zecora we headed off to lunch at Cafe Primo and then did a stint of bowling at Marion Bowlands.

    Thanks to everypony who came and it's great to see some new faces. Worthy mention to Kar from the New York City Bronies for gifting of the nice pony tie featured in the following photo.

    Nashville Bronies Meetup

    ​The Nashville Bronies this past weekend on Saturday (August 16th) celebrated their 2nd Annual Summer SPLASH Celebration! With an awesome group discount and free drinks all day, the Nashville Bronies had some ridiculous fun at Nashville Shores with old friends and new ones! With all the Lazy Rivering around, the wave pool, racing, and slides, this was one Summer Splash to be had! Upwards to 20 people attended! Hope to see more next year and as always, had so much fun with every pony!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    The GME Podcast



    The community normally does not receive such indepth examination and discussion from podcasters and personalities outside the brony fandom. This here is however a exception

    Having popular personalities and hosts from mainstream nerdspehres like movies, anime, and comics/manga, the GME podcast takes a respectable, hard look at the differrent seasons of Pony,

    It's something the brony community will want to listen to and enjoy

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    August 19, 2011-2013

    2011 - Cool papercraft Spike.

    2012 - Enterplay sells out of trading cards.

    2013 - A really weird pony game on Xbox Live.

    Twitter: Calpain