• Music of the Day #368

    This is the 5th or so time I've seen Octavia in a mafia getup.  Is this a fanfic thing or something? Does she usually rock a tommy gun in her chello case instead?

    Regardless, its music of the day time.  Get them below!

    [1] Source
    The lost bubbles

    [2] Source
    Sisterly Love

    [3] Source
    3 Letters Back - Fly Free
    Vocal - PoP/DnB

    [4] Source
    Nightmare Byte [VRC6]
    Remix - Chiptune

    [5] Source
    [Deleted Song] Spike's Love Song - MLP the Musical!

    [6] Source
    Sonic Rainboom - Epistemic
    Instrumental - Psytrance

    [7] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - Nowhere to Hide
    Instrumental - Ambient

    [8] Source
    Nobel Finesse
    Progressive Rock/Metal

    [9] Source
    [Dance] Helping Twilight Win the Crown (MG Remix)
    Remix - Dance