• Jan Animations Panel: Copyright Claims Detailed, With Both Hasbro and Jan's Team Coming Up with Something Good

    Galacon and Ponyville Live have tossed up the full Jan Animations panel. As most of us are curious about what the status is on the Copyright claims and take downs, something very interesting was revealed.

    While nothing is set in stone at the moment, they are apparently working out a deal with Hasbro for "something that will make both us and them happy". Turns out Hasbro wasn't even notified of the C&D, but the legal company they use shut it down simply because of how similar it was to the actual show.  They are hoping for a limited MLP License to freely make their fan animations, though the deal could be anything.  If any of you over at Hasbro happen to be reading this, make it happen

    If you want to watch the rest, head on down below the break to check it out, detailing everything from Buttons Mom to general ideas they have. 

    Thanks to Masem and everyone else for sending it!