• Discussion: Your Least Favorite Pony Just Had the Most Epic Episode Ever in Season 5. Does This Change Your Thoughts on Them?

    Poor Twist =[

    Season 5 rolls around, and somewhere in the middle the most epic episode of MLP ever happens.  The fandom is raving about how glorious everything about it was.  The writing makes The Shawshank Redemption seem like one of those kids cartoons they show at 7 AM-10AM every day.  The effects make The Matrix look like claymation.  It was just that awesome.

    Amazingly enough though, the entire episode revolved around your least favorite pony.  Fan art is suddenly flooding, songs are being written, and animations being made all centered around him or her.

    Do you convert? Or do you keep that bottled up character hate flowing?

    Which pony is it? Who is the worst pony, and how would you fix them?