• Rainbow Rocks Heading to Harkins Theaters Across the Country

    The first Equestria Girls was limited primarily to smaller theaters that show the more niche movies. Things look to be completely different for Rainbow Rocks if Harkins is any indication. It's looking like we may be seeing it invade the major chains!

    Head on down below the break for the preliminary listing.  Hopefully we see more locations pick it up soon!

    (Note: All dates begin on 9/27) 

    Phoenix AZ
    Gateway Pavillions 18
    Norterra 14
    Supersition Springs 25
    Tempe Marketplace 16

    Northern AZ
    Prescott Valley 14

    Southern AZ
    Arizona Pavilions 12
    Tuscon Spectrum 18
    Yuma Palms 14

    Chino Hills 18
    Moreno Valley 16

    Northfield 18

    Bricktown 16

    Southlake 14

    Thanks to Jason for sending it!