• New Equestria Girls Information, Song and Games on EQG Website

    It appears that we've got a decent amount of information coming out of the EqG website today guys! First up we've got two games, one of them being a Battle of the Bands game which is a simple match what the opponent is doing style game and another game which is a little more interesting called EqG: V.I.F.

    While it seems to be nothing more than a glorified personality quiz it does have some tasty tidbits such as a special appearance by the original Equestria garage band as well as, as far as I can tell, two new songs from the movie. One from the Rainbooms and one from the Dazzlings depending on which band you end up picking.

    But that's still not all! Over on another part of the site we have updated bios for the rivals Adagio, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze as well as for Trixie and Vinyl Scratch! Check after the break for some screens or follow the links below to check them out for yourself.

    Thanks to Thomas for the info!

    Biography Slideshow
    Battle of the Bands Game
    EqG: V.I.F. Game

    Update: Rip of both songs after the break provided by Logan!

    If only real band practice was this easy

    The CMC had a band before it was cool

    The Rivals!

    The DJ!

    The Trixie!

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