• Music: Desert of Wishes

    What do you guys think of ditching the 3 song format and just single posting spotlight stuff? At least during this haitus where things slow down.  It can be pretty hard to find enough for a spotlight post. 

    Anyway, have another one on it's own, part of an album this time around.  This song in particular as 4everfreebrony puts it:

    It was based on the episode "Pinkie Apple Pie". Have you ever wondered if you were related to someone you've known for a long time? My family and I have certainly done a good amount of family history and genealogy research, and the results can be pretty shocking!

    If anyone has seen the movie "A Knight's Tale", we found out that we are direct descendants from one of the characters in there. Not the actor, the actual character.

    Anyway, get it down below!