• MLP: CCG Deck & Strategy: Blow Up Your Friends... with Fun!

    Hi everyone! Cups here, reporting in with a My Little Pony CCG decklist article written by Adam from our dev team. He's a better CCG player than I'll ever be, so I tend to listen to his deckbuilding advice. Plus, the deck he's laid out below requires no ultra rares to play! Check it out under the break.

    Canterlot Nights doubled the card pool in My Little Pony CCG, opening up exciting new room for deckbuilding. There are lots of new tools for old decks, as well as space for entirely new and unique deck archetypes; in this article I’ll discuss a deck I’ve been playing centered around something we had relatively little of in Premiere: Friend removal.

    Here's the decklist, which you can also see in picture form by clicking here:

    1xPinkie Pie, Pokey Pony

    3xGlobe Trotter, Sight Seer
    3xLily, Panicked Pony
    2xPinny Lane, Bowl’em Over
    2xCheese Sandwich, Wandering Partier
    3xSnips, Schemer
    3xPinkie Pie, Pinkie ‘Responsibility’ Pie
    3xDownright Dangerous
    3xChicken Costume
    3xSugar Twist, Twister Sister
    3xRoseluck, Flighty Filly
    3xPhoto Finish, Picture Perfect Pony
    3xStand Still!
    2xNot on the List
    3xJoe, Doughnuteer
    3xGetting Hooves Dirty
    3xJet Set & Upper Crust

    Problem Deck:
    2xGoof Off!
    2xMean Meanie Pants
    2xCheering Up a Friend
    2xMy Pinkie Sense Is Tingling
    2xMaybes are for Babies

    This deck is a midrange deck focused on scoring a steady stream of points while removing as many opposing threats from the board as possible. You’ll notice some great tools from Premiere Edition, like Stand Still! and Downright Dangerous, alongside new ones like Not on the List and Chicken Costume. Chicken Costume and Cheese Sandwich in particular serve to punish decks that are designed to slowly increase their advantage over you using cards like Fluttershy, Guidance Counselor, while Downright Dangerous and Not on the List can prove very powerful against aggressive opponents.

    Pinkie “Responsibility” Pie needs relatively little introduction, but the new Pokey Pony mane and Pinny Lane make her much more efficient, either removing a second card from play or refunding Responsibility Pie’s action token cost. Roseluck assists as well, helping to ensure a continued supply of party associates for your mane. Plus, both Roseluck and Pinny pull double-duty as color spotters, a valuable savings in deck space!

    The deck also utilizes the new Pumped mechanic, with Globe Trotter drawing you your important cards, and both Snips and Photo Finish providing a supply of repeatable removal. With so much control over your opponent’s board presence, faceoffs to power Pumped with may be thin on the ground, but Joe, Doughnuteer is around to “feed” your Pumped friends all they could want and more.

    All that removal makes Cheering Up a Friend and Jet Set & Upper Crust powerful ways to slow your opponent down, forcing them to fight through a storm of dismissal effects in order to hit the critical mass of Friends those cards demand, buying you more time to stretch your lead into a win.

    I’ve been having fun with this deck both because the cyclical engines it runs are fun to assemble, and because it’s a refreshing change of pace from Premiere’s removal-light format, where Friends tended to stick around as long their controller wanted them to; the value of a card changes quite a bit in an environment where its presence is (sometimes extremely) temporary!

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