• IGN Gives "A Brony Tale" a 9.1, or "Amazing" Rating, Portland Mercury Still Thinks Bronies are "Ick"

    Good news for A Brony Tale! It looks like the gaming site IGN loved it. A review went up a few hours ago with all sorts of warm and fuzzies to help celebrate the pony fandom. Head on over here to read it!

    (Link fixed)

    And in other news, we have a negative one from The Portland Mercury. Unlike IGN, they weren't too fond of the concept of "Brony" by the end, or the idea of guys buying girl toys at all. We can't win them all I guess! I give it a few more years before we get over that societal hump for the non internet denizens.  With how fast everything else is progressing, it's only a matter a few years. 

    Thanks to Sarah, Richard, another Richard, Sleepysteve, and everyone else for sending it!