• Hasbro Misses Revenue Mark, Makes Gains in Boys and Girls Toys

    The revenue report for Hasbro is out and while the company as a whole missed out on its revenue mark for the quarter, causing shares to drop, there were definite gains in the boy and girl divisions. While games and preschool products took hits, the girls division which comprises MLP rose 10% while the boys division saw strong sales of action figures due to the release of Transformers and the popularity of Spider Man and Iron Man.

    Looks like even when Hasbro is in a slightly rough spot we can count on ponies to help keep the company on solid ground. Not only that, the Daily Finance makes note that competitor Mattel's Barbie is losing appeal as kids switch to brands like MLP that have stories that appeal to kids of that age.

    If you want the technical details, check out the two articles this info came from below! Thanks to everyone for sending this in.

    DailyFinance Article
    Reuters Article

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