• EQD Summer Achievements - Print Friendly Checklist and Editable Spreadsheet

    Coach Dash understands that a giant list if images can be difficult to use in terms of keeping track of achievements, so have a few alternatives created by people within the event!

    Online Google Spreadsheet Version:

    First off, we have a spreadsheet of everything, complete with all the fun little formulas and make adding up your total score a breeze.  Each Just toss your name into the New User section and start plugging in your progress. Totals will appear down at the bottom.  Head over here and click File->Create a copy to grab your own version (It also removes the diagonal lines in the preview).  If that one doesn't work, have a backup. Thanks to Pepper Wood for making it!

    Print Friendly List:

    And if the physical side is more your thing, but you don't feel like printing out a million pages with all of the images on the actual achievements, we have a print friendly checklist to go with it. Get that over here and print away! Thanks to Tyler for that one.

    And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can find all of that over at the main achievement page. 

    Now go improve yourselves!