• Discussion: Season 5 Is now "My Little Griffon!"

    It's July 24th, and the My Little Pony panel at San Diego Comic Con is about to do their yearly teaser. The lights dim, the usual Hub logo pops up on the projection screen, but the My Little Pony logo that follows is a bit different... It reads "My Little Griffon"! Turns out Season 5 stars our beloved mane 6 as griffons instead of ponies. Demographic studies show that birds and lions are the new thing little girls crave when visiting the pink isle thanks to Disney's new Lion King spinoff, and since Equestria Girls was so successful, Hasbro decided they might as well turn the ponies into griffons to hit both animals!

    How do you react to this sudden change in the series? Would you be alright with the ponies sprouting feathers, paws, and beaks for a season?