• Cardapalooza! Saturday at BronyCon!

    Cardapalooza! What's that, you ask? Why, it's only a crazy-huge party this weekend at BronyCon, celebrating the My Little Pony CCG! Everyone who walks in gets a special(?!) booster pack, everyone there has chances to win plenty more prizes, there's contests, games, Twitter challenges, trivia, t-shirts (using the image above!), special appearances from the Pony CCG staff... and even more!

    Going to BronyCon? Looking for an awesome way to spend a couple hours on Saturday at 2:30, even if you've never played the CCG before? Check it out!
    Cardapalooza is 90 minutes of pure prizes, surprises, and just plain fun that you'd frankly be silly to miss! Are you a huge fan of My Little Pony CCG? Have you never played the game in your life? It doesn't matter, EVERYPONY is invited, and we've got room for 1000 of you! The fun starts at 2:30 on Saturday in the Hall of the Sun at BronyCon!

    Packbreakers has booked Dean "Flank Sinatra" Irwin to host this wild event! Everyone who attends will snag a free special booster pack of MLP: CCG, courtesy of Packbreakers. What's so special about it? You'll just have to come and find out!

    Then stick around for the mayhem as we give away lots more random prizes and t-shirts, shoot party cannons into the audience, run contests like a live Create-a-Costume contest and a trivia competition (with special guest!), and host interactive Twitter Challenges (follow @MLP_CCG to see these live) for even MORE prizes--anyone can win!