• California Brony Mysteriously Missing for Over Two Weeks

    A few weeks ago, Atticus VanArsdale was filed missing in Poway, California, when he didn't show up for his graduation ceremony at Poway High School on the 12th of June.  A Facebook page was set up to help track him down, but as of today there still is no sign of him. 

    According to the page, he is not known to have any issues, and actually has a college scholarship set up for this Fall.  They also note that he didn't leave with money, a wallet, his phone, a coat, ID or car. Him up and leaving due to stress or for no real reason isn't really something they are considering, but CBS8 pointed out that he completely wiped his phone, laptop, Facebook, and Twitter accounts before leaving. Police are considering it a "voluntary missing adult case".   

    Search efforts by the actual Sheriff's Department have since been called off according to Pomerado News

    Head on down below for more detailed information, along with extra images for identification.

    A full on interview can be found over here.

    They released it in hopes that someone would recognize his voice.

    This map details some of the locations they have searched according to the Facebook Page.  

    The backpack he has been known to wear.  If their note on the 20th of June is any indication, it sounds like he has it.

    As early as yesterday, someone pointed out that they may have seen him at a Vons store.  No information on that has been added on the facebook page as of this post going up. 

    And a few more images: 

    If you or anyone else has seen him if you happen to be in the Southern California area, you can contact their investigator at: 


    If you choose all tips will remain anonymous 

    As with all things involving missing persons, keep an eye out but do not confront anyone or do anything that could put yourself in danger. Let the professionals know via the phone number above.

    Keep an eye on the Facebook page.

    Thanks to Sweetie Bot,  Lauren, and everyone else for sending information on this!