• CAHHRAZY stuff in Episode 100 of Friendship is Magic - What do you Think?

    Without revealing anything spoilery, William Anderson talked about the 100th episode of the season, already promised to be something special if the SDCC panel was any indication.  From his quote, it sounds like some amazing stuff is on the way for it.  Get that and more below to avoid the spoilers!

    Working on the new EG movie now. Doing some really CAHHRAZY stuff for Epsd. 100. Jayson and Jim really threw some fun opportunity my way.  

    So, what do you think we are going to see? The main reason for this post was to see what you all thought would happen in the episode.  From the SDCC panel:

    This season has the 100th episode, which is sufficiently awesome and focused on characters that have been on the show for a while, but mainly in the background. Coco Pommel returns for one!

    So, who all do you want to see return? What madness do you want to see them explore? Which background ponies need more love? Hit those comments up!