• BUCK 2014 Animation Promo and News

    I'm really liking this trend of conventions putting out amazing promotional videos for their events! GalaCon did a wonderful job with their promos over the past few months, but now it is BUCK's turn as they share with us an action packed 3 minute animation!

    Check on after the break for the vid. Excellent work BUCK crew!

    BUCK 2014 Breaking News

    Rumours of our fading are greatly exaggerated! In a universe different, yet similar to our own, Britannia and Roary assemble the BUCK 2014 crew!

    In case you haven’t been following us elsewhere here’s a quick roundup of our latest news:

    Game Room announced – We’ve just announced our video game room, a huge workshop room filled with more than a dozen games console setups from retro to current, running tournaments and free play for seven hours solid on Saturday afternoon!

    Merch, merch everywhere – Due to immensely popular demand, we’ve put a huge amount of effort into merchandise this year. We’ve got nearly twice as many vendors with more variety and range of stock, as well as an all new lineup of official BUCK merch ranging from t-shirts to our collectable Challenge Coins.

    Cosplay Contest – With only a small nudge we could reclassify BUCK as the first ever MLP masquerade convention, given the huge following of Cosplay we have! Every canon pony, all the OCs, and costumes from nearly every fandom you can imagine, they’re all coming to BUCK to join in our annual cosplay competition. Fire up the sewing machines!

    For all the information, check out our website HERE. You can also get your tickets right up to the eve of BUCK direct from our ticket page!

    See you all at the biggest and bestest BUCK we’ve ever thrown!

    Twitter: Calpain