• BronyCon - Pony In a Box and New Colored Badge System to MAKE SOME FRIENDS

    The many of you who follow the Ponyinabox series Doctor Whooves Adventures will have a chance to take part in an event they are running that starts... now! Full information on that can be found below the break via their press release!

    And in other BronyCon news, a new color communication badge system is in place for those of you out there that aren't too good at randomly approaching strangers and building those friendships.  As you can see in the image above, three marks have been added, each indicating what kind of interaction you want to recieve while wandering the convention floor.  Green invites people, yellow is only for people they recognize, and red means to leave them alone.  In other words, green team wins!

    Ponyinabox, makers of Doctor Whooves Adventures and Daring Do Adventures has a Bronycon event scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 2nd at 6pm.

    That event requires that you download this audio file beforehand, and bring something to listen to it with! So, if you’re going to B-con, download it NOW!

    Get ready to defend Bronycon from the evil Changeling Invasion. The Doctor Needs YOUR HELP to fend of the evil Queen Chrysalis and her minions from destroying the convention! Listen to everything he tells you, and you, and Bronycon at large…just might survive…

    If you’re not going to Bronycon, but still want to play the game, download the file and grab some friends! It is best done in a crowd of four or more. If you are going to Bronycon however we ask that you not listen to the audio until August 2nd at 6pm, during the event in question.