• Apparently Applejack is Best Pony

    Even religions are being converted to the pony way. I'm not too sure if I agree with the pony choice, but that may be due to my bias toward wizardponi. In fact, I have already filed to have Trixieism created here in Arizona. The rules are pretty simple:

    One must bow to the wizardponi.
    One must brush the wizardponi at least 12 times a day.
    One must be impressed by wizardponi at all times. 
    One must laugh at wizardponi's jokes even if they aren't funny.
    One must not speak of any other pony who happens to be more powerful than wizardponi.
    One must don the sacred robe and wizard hat at all times.
    One must sing the sacred melody every night before sleep, melody as follows:

    If this sounds like something you can handle, you are welcome to join. Service happens on Tuesday. Weekends are for sleeping in.

    Thanks to Benhamin for sending it! Apparently he goes to the place!