• Story: Sisterhooves Social: Deleted Scenes

    [Comedy][Slice of Life] Quote: "For anyone who wanted there to more to Sisterhooves Social" - The Carousel Pony Pre-Reader

    Author: Velvet Divan

    Description: Rarity pulled off a simply smashing impersonation of Applejack during the big Sisterhooves Social race, but how did she manage it? How did she overcome her, shall we say, distaste for the 'uncouth' nature of many of the events, not to mention the mud, dust, grape juice, and hay? Not only did she soldier on through it all, but she did so with Applejack's style! How did the refined fashionista manage to convince her sister, and many of the spectators, that she was a farm-bred firecracker? What exactly happened between Applejack and Rarity before the race...?

    Sisterhooves Social: Deleted Scenes

    Additional Tags: Applejack Rarity slapstick heart-warming comedy