• Random Merch: Wild Rainbow CMC Toys, Anthro Pony Backpack, Pinkie Pie in a Dress, and More!

    It looks like the brushable line is expanding again.  These "Wild Rainbow" CMC Toys have popped up over on Taobao.  Expect them in the future if the old stuff is any indication! Thanks to CMC_Scootaloo for sending that one.

    And get the usual random merch below!

    Fiber Optic Pony Thing and a Lamp!

    Slap them ponies on EVERYTHING. 

    Found in the UK at B&Q by Kitty

    Pony Tattoo Vectors

    Found at a Walmart Vending Machine by Anonymous!

    "Carry Pack" 

    I have no idea what that is, but it looks like some kind of activity book.

    Found by Teresa in the UK at Wilkinsons. 

    Puzzle Bag 

    Found at Toys R' Us by Flarabelle

    Pop Pinkie Set Heading to Walmart

    This one is making the rounds, but Walmart now lists it on their site.  Thanks to JSKR For sending it.

    Pinkie Pie Backpacks in a Dress

    Why not?

    Found by Blas and Annie 

    Anthro Pony Backpack

    Found in China apparently!  Thanks to Rick for sending it.

    Another Bike! 

    Another bike! So many bikes! Found at Walmart. Thanks to Ringo for sending it. 

    Pinkie Pie Ice Cream Bar

    I wonder if this one is as terrifying as some of the others we have seen?!

    Found by Mond at Quicktrip

    Plates Cups and More! 

    Apparently it's a new display at Walmart! thanks to Jody for sending it.